Foothill Family

Believing that strong communities begin with emotionally and mentally healthy families, Foothill Family  founded in 1926 as a 501(c)3 charity provides programs and professional services to children, teens, adults and families to help them lead productive lives at home, in school, at work and in their relationships. Foothill Family programs and services include:

� ESTEEM School-Based Services: children and teen mental health treatment and services
� Early ESTEEM Pre-School Program: early diagnosis and intervention for children 0-5
� Wraparound & Full Service Partnership: intensive services for high-risk children to help families stay together
� Teen Family Services: supportive services to promote good parenting, healthy life choices and high school graduation
� FOCUS: child abuse prevention and treatment
� Domestic Violence Prevention and Treatment
� Youth Development and Drop-out Prevention
� Counseling and Support for Grandparents and Seniors

1 Center in Duarte
1 Center in West Covina
2 Centers in El Monte
3 Centers in Pasadena

84 Schools
42 Pre-Schools
21 School Districts
Clients Homes

250+ Staff Members: 75% bilingual, 90% bicultural
Volunteer Hours: 17,391
Children & Families served: 18,398
95% percent of all funds raised support programs!